Mika is supported by a passionate and dedicated team of professionals all working towards the same goals – fly fast, fly accurately and fly safely !


Track Analysts

Keeping the team at the forefront of the tactical and analytical game is the task of Max Lamb. Track and flight analysis are the key tasks for Max who has completed a degree in Engineering. Using his engineering knowledge and specifically designed programs Max finds what he believes is the fastest path through the track. He is an invaluable part of the team, continuously developing the analysis to make sure Mika has the best systems available to visualise the racing lines so he is fully prepared before he even enters the cockpit.


Team Coordinator

Victoria Griffiths joins pilot Mika Brageot, once again as the lynch pin of #11RACING. She is a familiar face around the hangars and having gained huge experience over 5 seasons, she is well placed in her role as Team Coordinator to provide the perfect environment for the team to thrive and succeed. Overseeing the PR and media as well as the day to day logistics and administration the tasks of a ‘TC’ are varied and demanding, although she is the first to admit that the rest of the team make everything as easy as possible for her!

Anthony Bezard

Aircraft Technician

Anthony is the newest member to #11RACING, having joined late in 2017 for the last part of the season he brings boundless amounts of energy and ideas to his role as aircraft technician. As well as an experienced engineer, running his own business in Darois, France, Anthony is also a seasoned pilot having flown the Breitling Bücker for many years at airshows and special events. Alongside his flying career Anthony helped successfully design and build a new concept aerobatic aircraft, so he is perfectly placed to get the most out of the MXS race plane’s performance. Making a range of technical, weight saving and aerodynamic modifications over the winter break he’s looking forward and ready to take on the fast paced surroundings of the Red Bull Air Race hangars once again for Mika’s third year in the Masterclass.