Mika Brageot takes off for second World Championship season on 2-3 February

After an exceptional top-10 debut in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship last year, Mika Brageot of France is back with an experienced #11RACING team and a new raceplane design scheme that reflects the pilot’s forward focus.


When Brageot takes to the skies at the Abu Dhabi Corniche for Qualifying this Friday and Race Day on Saturday, the first thing fans will notice is the completely new look of his raceplane. Gone is the retro, “rusty” design of last year. Instead, #11RACING have painted their MXS-R a brilliant chrome that is modern – even futuristic.


“We’ve also reworked the raceplane itself for better performance, and we’re looking forward to flying in the track. That’s when we’ll be able to see how effective the work has been,” says Brageot, a native of Villeneuve sur Lot.

The beauty of the raceplane as its wings reflect the Arabian Gulf is not the only thing that will attract attention. At 30 years old, Brageot is not just the youngest pilot in the 14-team field, but also one of the most dynamic.

As a member of the second competition category of the Red Bull Air Race, the Challenger Class, back in 2015, the Frenchman took top honors, winning the season Challenger Cup. Then, when he joined the world’s best pilots in the Master Class in 2017, he advanced to the elite Round of 8 in fully 50 percent of his races, collecting 24 points and earning 10th place for the season. No other former Challenger Class pilot has come close to such a record in his maiden campaign, and with a year in the World Championship now under his belt, Brageot’s opponents will be watching him warily.

The French pilot also has an impressive team beside him. Tactician Max Lamb and team coordinator Victoria Griffiths both have World Championship-winning experience, and the newest member of #11RACING, technician Anthony Bezard, contributed to Brageot’s surge when he joined the team late in the season last year.

Also supporting Brageot’s 2018 effort are two notable personal sponsors, luxury watch brand Breitling and French insurance company AGC.


“We worked very hard in the off-season, and we’re so motivated and excited about the possibilities for 2018,” Brageot confides. “Last season was satisfying because we proved our potential. We expect to get in the Final 4 this year, and when we do, we’ll be looking for our first race podium.”

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