#11RACING Team Eyetime Finish 7th & Yoshihide Muroya Stole the Win

#11RACING Team Eyetime finish 7th& Yoshihide Muroya stole the win from Martin Sonka by the smallest of margins.

The 2017 World Champion Yoshihide Muroya was back to his blistering best in Abu Dhabi when he took the win in the Final 4 by a margin of just 0.003s – one of the closest in the sport’s history.

Earlier in the day 14 pilots flew in 7 head to heads against each other. Mika Brageot against 2016 world Champion Matthias Dolderer of Germany. Dolderer flew first making a mistake costing him a two second penalty gifting Brageot an easy run to get through to the next round..Even if Mika did manage to pick up a two second penalty himself for unlevel in the gate, he went through by nearly a second.

A head to head against Mike Goulian was next but unfortunately #11RACING suffered a technical failure with the smoke system which cost a 1 second penalty followed by exceeding the 11G limit costing anther second..Mike Goulian only needed to fly clean, which he did to get through to the final 4.

Mika comments after the race;


“The day looked like it should go well, but in the Round of 8 I had to push to the limit and unfortunately I over-G’d in the VTM which gave me a one second penalty. And then we had a defect in the smoke system, which gave me another second penalty, which meant we weren’t good enough to go through. We have to focus on these two points, which are little things, but cost a lot.”


Nicolas Ivanoff had to retire from the Final 4 due to being unable to start his engine which was a disappointing end for him and his team.

With his three points from Qualifying, Muroya collected the maximum 28 points and is in the best position possible after race one. Martin Sonka sits in second on 22 points, with Goulian just one behind on 21. It’s going to be a tense season.

Mika Brageot and his team will debrief on this race and be back stronger for race two. There is a long break now where they can have the race plane at their home base for modifications and for fixing the technical failure which cost them this first race.


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